Visitors will find a great variety of beaches and coves in the vicinity of Rio Marina to suit all preferences and requirements, whether they are travelling alone or with small children.Rio Marina is a place known for iron and for wine: the green of the vegetation contrasts with the red rocks.

But let us proceed in an orderly fashion, starting from the Waldensian House. The first beach to mention is called ‘della Torre’. It is a gravel beach below the octagonal tower (hence the name) built by the Appiani in the 1500s. It is possible to rent beach umbrellas and deck chairs, and it is equipped with a shower. You can reach three coves by continuing along the panoramic road of the port: Porticciolo di Rio, Luisi d’Angelo and Marina di Gennaro. The beaches of gravel and large stones are accessible only by foot paths surrounded by holm oaks and pine trees. Leaving the urbanized area in the direction of Cavo, you will encounter the Vigneria beach, with dark gravel and large red iron-rich rocks. There are no services at this beach and not many visitors, but it does offer a romantic view of spectacular sunsets from the old mineral wharf. Continuing along the provincial route, if you are looking for a lonely beach with unusual light and dark contrasts created by the haematite (ferric oxide) mixed with the gravel, don’t hesitate to take the steep path down to Malpasso del Rio.

Further along the provincial route, you will find the well-marked Topinetti beach. Here again, services are available, but most of all you will appreciate the beauty of the setting with its intense colours: the white gravel, the sand of haematitie and pyrite, the reef with rocks that range from red to yellow and the intense green of the typical Mediterranean scrub.

A few kilometres from Rio Marina, still continuing toward Cavo along the provincial route, the first beach with services is Cala Seregola. It has gravel mixed with sand of a characteristic reddish colour due to the mining activity practised in the past, evident also from the old, disused industrial buildings and an old wharf. Somewhat hidden, but well conserved, there is an Etruscan oven excavated in the earth. If you love to scorch your skin in the sun, from the parking area for the Seregola cove, you can reach the beach of the ‘Direttore’, where the director of the old mine lived: a beach with black sand due to the abundant presence of haematite and pyrite. This brings us to Cavo. There are many other beaches as you proceed. Discover them by coming to visit Elba Island. We’ll be expecting you!

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